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Fix Your Thyroid with Dr. Alan Christianson

Hi, everyone and welcome to Elevate Your Energy Radio. My name is Evelyne Lambrecht, and I’m really looking forward to tonight’s show, “Fix your Thyroid Trouble” with Dr. Alan Christianson. Last week we had an awesome show with Christa Orecchio talking about how to kick candida for good. I learned… Read more >

My Hormones are Making me Crazy with Dr. Corey Schuler

Dr. Corey Schuler on Elevate Your Energy Radio

I’m very excited for today’s show, to have one of my favorite doctors on, talking about hormones and mood. So if you’re struggling with mood swings, depression, anxiety – anything like that – stay tuned because it might be related to hormones. Evelyne Lambrecht: So on today’s show, I met… Read more >

Live Your Healthiest and Fittest Life with Yuri Elkaim

Yuri Elkaim on Elevate Your Energy Radio

Today, we’re talking about how to live your healthiest and fittest life with Yuri Elkaim. He’s the creator of several programs including Eating for Energy, Total Wellness Cleanse, and Super Nutrition Academy and the author of The All-Day Energy Diet. Yuri is the inspirational and no BS nutrition and fitness… Read more >