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Recent Autoimmune Conditions Posts

Fix Your Thyroid with Dr. Alan Christianson

Hi, everyone and welcome to Elevate Your Energy Radio. My name is Evelyne Lambrecht, and I’m really looking forward to tonight’s show, “Fix your Thyroid Trouble” with Dr. Alan Christianson. Last week we had an awesome show with Christa Orecchio talking about how to kick candida for good. I learned… Read more >

5 Ways the Environment Could Be Triggering Your Immune System

With $120,000,000 now reportedly spent on treating autoimmune conditions, the subject is more relevant and important than ever. Fortunately, Dr. Chad Larson, a Board-certified chiropractor and naturopathic doctor, specializes in treating autoimmune disorders. ([02:50]) He got into the field after a bad back injury in college left him barely able… Read more >

Still have thyroid symptoms when your labs come back normal?


I spent a few days in Palm Springs last week visiting doctors who carry Thorne Research products and I’m consistently inspired by them. I met with one doctor who’s one of 50+ physicians at Eisenhower Medical Center who practices integrative medicine there. The cool thing is, the other physicians all… Read more >

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