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The Skinny on Coconut Oil with Joy Reese

joy-reeseI’ve been using coconut oil for years. Have you jumped on the bandwagon too? Sautéing your veggies in it, putting a tablespoon in your coffee, or maybe just eating a spoonful of it straight?  I never really paid much attention to where it came from aside from trying to buy organic and virgin, whatever those labels meant when it came to coconut oil. A few months ago though, I discovered SKINNY coconut oil at a medical conference in San Diego. I got a sample and really loved the taste, much more fresh and much more smooth than what I’d been using.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Joy Reese, the Vice President of SKINNY Coconut Oil, the only 100% raw and alkaline coconut oil available on the market. It is made without using any heat at all so it’s the closest you can get to an actual raw coconut. Skinny Coconut Oil comes from mature pesticide-free coconuts from the jungles of Vietnam, harvested in the wild, not from a plantation. Most coconut oils on the market today claim to be cold-pressed, but I was surprised to learn that they are in fact heated prior to the process, which increases the temperature over 120 degrees and destroys some of the nutritional value.

So what can coconut oil do for you? Well, due to its composition, it can be excellent source of fuel your brain and it can even help you lost weight.  Coconut oil also contains the highest lauric acid panel, which boosts your immune system.

skinnyYou can use coconut oil as a replacement for butter, or in your daily coffee. You can also use it for face wash, face lotion, hair gel, mouthwash, and even deodorant! It doesn’t have that greasy feel  like most coconut oils (because it is 100% raw and alkaline), so you can replace your general beauty products with SKINNY.  Joy recommends a tablespoon or two of Skinny in coffee or tea once a day for optimal health. Since our show, I’ve ordered 2 more jars including their oil with peppermint especially for oil pulling! It really feels great in your mouth and is so much easier than doing it with plain coconut oil.

Wanna try it a try for yourself? You can get it at

Listen to the full interview on Elevate Your Energy Radio or by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes. It was one of my most popular shows of the last 2 years!

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