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Perfect Your Cycle and Amplify Your Fertility with Alisa Vitti

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Alisa Vitti is an absolute angel when it comes to understanding the female body. She wrote the book WomanCode that is, as far as I’m concerned, the Holy Grail when it comes to female hormones and the power of understanding and even mastering our own cycles so we can live our best lives.

Her story is unique in that she was once covered in acne and suffered from PCOS – ironically when she was in school to become an OBGYN. When she got the diagnosis, her doctor wanted to put her on all sorts of meds and gave her the impression that her future prognosis was nothing short of poor when it came to living a normal life – feeling better, achieving a normal cycle, and having children.

Alisa intuitively knew that this wasn’t going to be her path, so she set out to learn how to heal herself on her own.

Her book WomanCode is about how she did that and how she is determined to forever help women. It’s divided up into 5 steps or ‘protocols’ of the code:

1. Stabilize your blood sugar

2. Nurture your adrenal glands

3. Support your organs of elimination

4. Think with your menstrual cycle

5. Engage your feminine energyAlisa Vitti_WomanCode_SavvyAuntie

Each step builds upon the other. I love Alisa’s passion for really being able to understand your body, and play with
 it instead of against it. It’s about using the endocrine system to your advantage so you can really thrive in your own life. And, it’s not that complex – all you have to do is start. What an empowering message that feeling good is in our power and right at our fingertips.

She breaks down the menstrual cycle for us, which, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t feel like any of us have
even looked at the different phases since we learned about it in middle school. It’s fascinating how we can do things and eat things based on the natural patterns of our hormonal cycle that can make us feel better.

Alisa breaks down what’s happening in our bodies during each phase and how we can support that phase with foods and even engage in certain activities that will come more naturally to us. Even the way in which we run our businesses can be astoundingly impacted by our cycles.

alisavittiWe dive into issues around PMS, fertility, and birth control and the theme that threads throughout the conversation is that we have to get to the root of our underlying hormonal problems instead of temporarily masking them. That’s why she says diving into the system as a whole and following the woman code protocol is so important.

The entire interview I hung onto every word she was saying. I’m also happy to report that Alisa has a healthy baby!

Have a listen by clicking on the image below and learn how to crack the woman code! And, don’t forget to subscribe to Elevate Your Energy on iTunes!


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