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Mindset, Metabolism, and Food Obsession with Jill Coleman

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I have some seriously helpful insight about mindset, motivation, and how to relax your food rules from Jill Coleman of Metabolic Effect and JillFit Physiques. 

jillfitMost of us who begin on the road to make a healthy lifestyle change or diet start with hitting the gym with more cardio, or changing our way of eating. It’s easier said than done, and can easily become an obsession. Especially when you start to see results. If this sounds familiar to you, or you have been a crash dieter and are looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle, I encourage you to listen to my interview with Jill Coleman.




“I talk a lot on JillFit about this three to four-year period where I was really obsessed with my body, and it got to the point where it was a huge distraction. I wasn’t really able to focus on much more than that – I don’t know if maybe some of your listeners can relate to that- but really feeling as if my entire self-worth was wrapped up in what my body looked like, and it was really a miserable place to be. At the time, it felt like a distraction, and it was time to move on in my life.”

Jill recently launched a new project called the #GetBetter Mindset Guide to help people with their mindset motivation:

“GetBetter is a lot about relationships and how to increase your personal happiness, wellbeing, and create deeper connections for yourself, with your friends, with your family, with your partner, whatever, but mostly with yourself. So how do you use some of these tactics, tools, and insights to really get to a place where you feel happy no matter what other people around you are doing?”

In our interview, Jill describes how she helps people to figure out their own fat-loss formula, and tips on how to motivate oneself and create a healthy lifestyle rather than an obsession or addiction that can ultimately cause unhealthy habits. She includes helpful tips such as what she calls her Daily Nutritional Commitments and intermittent sampling.

Click here to listen to my interview with Jill Coleman now!

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