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Healthy Snacks and Meals on the Go



I’ve been traveling quite a bit and am on the go throughout the day so it’s important to keep eating well while on the run!

Even when I’m on the go, I try to make sure I’m eating foods that will keep my blood sugar balanced and my energy high.

Some of the things I like to carry with me are:

– Hardboiled eggs (Trader Joe’s even carries free range hardboiled eggs in a bag – easy!!)

– Fruits – apples, oranges, berries (also yummy with nut butter – try Justin’s portable single serving almond butter)

– Veggies – cucumber, snowpeas

– Pre-cooked chicken sausages (keep a little cooler with you)

– Raw nuts (my favorites are macadamia and almonds)

– Larabars (just fruit and nuts in the ingredients)

– GoodonYa Bar (made in San Diego from only good ingredients)

– This requires a little more assembly but take a can of wild Alaskan salmon (skinless and boneless) and mash it up with a whole avocado – grab some seaweed and scoop the salmon/avocado mixture into it

– Leftovers – I’ve been known to make a HUGE serving of my pasta sauce below and put it into a bunch of Pyrex containers and eat that over the course of a weekend when traveling

– Cans of sardines – not everyone loves these but they are so portable and when you don’t want to spend $30 on room service, this works!

– Organic beef jerky

Do you have any snacks/meals you like to carry with you?

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