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Eat Well for a Healthy Mind and Longer Life with Cookbook Author Rebecca Katz

Rebecca Katz, author of The Healthy Mind Cookbook, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen, the Longevity Kitchen, and One Bite at a Time calls herself a “culinary translator” meaning she translates nutritional science to your plate, seasoned by wisdom and the alchemy of flavor.

We’ll discuss:

– The top foods for a healthier mind – better memory and cognition, more stable moods and emotions 

– The best ingredients to add to your meals to elevate your energy

– How to address common side effects of cancer treatment with food

– How to eating during cancer treatment and recovery

– How to add certain flavors to your meals when your food tastes too metallic, sweet, bitter, salty, or like cardboard. 

– The top 5 cancer-fighting herbs and spices and how to incorporate them

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