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What your doctor isn’t telling you about cancer

Since my last update, I’ve now hit over 20,000 listens, woohoo! We’ve had some great shows these last 2 months.

I interviewed:
  • Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy – What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Cancer (did you know that there’s a genetic test to determine if a certain chemotherapy will work for your body.. why isn’t everyone tested for this??)
  • Tom Malterre, one of the smartest guys I know, explains Genetically Modified Foods (this will make you go, HELL NO, GMO)
  • Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and author of Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry (what is really in your products, why, and what to do about it)
  • Dr. Hyla Cass, the psychiatrist who won’t just prescribe you antidepressants, but rather, use natural therapies to address imbalances in the brain – The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.
  • Dr. Corey Schuler – another one of the smartest guys I know, talks about the connection between your mood and your hormones (find out his top products he uses with women to help them feel.. not crazy!) – My Hormones are Making Me Crazy
  • Alexandra Jamieson – author of The Great American Detox Diet – Why I’m No Longer Vegan: Listening to Our Cravings (she helped Morgan Spurlock lose all the weight he gained while filming his documentary Super Size Me and was known as the vegan queen for a long time).
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