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The 3 Keys to Creating Lasting Transformation and Permanent Change

Do you ever feel like you know what you should be doing but you’re not doing it?

I sure feel like that sometimes. I don’t always eat perfectly even though I KNOW what things my body doesn’t like so much. Why do we do this to ourselves? This is something that Cynthia Pasquella actually coached me on during our interview. I was astonished at what we uncovered in just a short amount of time.

Cynthia is known as The Transformational Nutritionist®. She helps women who struggle with their weight and self-worth by using a method that combines nutrition, psychology and spirituality so they can finally experience permanent change and radical fulfillment!

I have to say, this was by far one of the most interesting interviews I’ve done. Rather than talking about the science of nutrition (which we did cover), we focused on some of the other important aspects of actually making a lifestyle change – the spirituality and psychology of it.

The two awesome programs Cynthia mentions in the interview are the Institute of Transformational Nutrition and the Hungry Hottie Method – check out the links below to sign up for the free video series.

  • To sign up for Cynthia’s free video training series for The Institute of Transformational Nutrition, click HERE.
  • To check out the free video training series for the Hungry Hottie Method – click HERE.
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