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How to Have a Healthier Baby

Get-Some Ice Cream.

Yes, you read that correctly.

This delicious concoction just happens to support hormonal development, create a hospitable environment for conception, and make your unborn baby smarter – all while increasing arousal in soon-to-be Mommy and Daddy.

Created by a medical doctor (who used it to overcome fertility) and her husband (who himself overcame obesity, brain fog, and a host of other poor-health-related maladies) Get-Some Ice Cream is a delightful blend of 6 to 9 egg yolks (grass-fed, free-range), unsalted grass-fed butter, and medium-chain triglycerin oil, mixed with flavoring such as vanilla or fruit, and put in a blender. It creates, as Dave says, “wave of satisfaction”, and also sends an environmental signal that there are plentiful fat and nutrients to create a baby.

Guests Dave and Lana Asprey really do walk the walk.

Lana overcame infertility, going on to naturally conceive and give birth to two healthy boys, all with what her midwife called “the healthiest maternal tissues of any women I’ve worked with”.

Dave – a.k.a. The Bulletproof Executive – not only overcame nearly lifelong obesity and a host of medical issues, but also reprogrammed his genetic history of A.D.D. and autism. He now coaches high-level executives – infamous for enduring crazy stress levels – his secrets to optimal health and energy.

Dave and Lana tapped into epigenetics to heal their respective physical challenges. They define epigenetics as the influence of environmental factors on the genetic expression of any number of physical and mental problems. Factors include toxins found in the air and our food, all of which play a significant role in our physical and mental health – and certainly in our reproductive health.


“Perfection is not required; just make a small series of slightly better decisions…”

In their guide, The Better Baby Book, they advocate a specific diet (plenty of protein and high-quality fats) and lifestyle, but also emphasize taking a compassionate approach in the process. Dave insists, “Perfection is not required; just make a small series of slightly better decisions and have a healthier baby as a result.”

If you’ve already had your baby (maybe even a few years ago), they also share their wealth of knowledge and experience in raising healthy and thriving children – physically and emotionally.

I’m just so thrilled to have been able to spend time with Dave and Lana. I know you will come away, as I did, with new information and more tools to live a much healthier, happier life.

Remember: Get-Some Ice Cream (skip there now: [11:48]).

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