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“I’ve always struggled with my weight but have been too intimidated to work with a trainer. I was never sure if the money was going to be worth it and thought I could do it on my own. I am so happy to say that I put those thoughts aside and began working out with Evelyne and doing her nutrition coaching program 5 weeks ago. In that short amount of time I’ve already lost 5 1/2 inches all over my body! More importantly, I have so much more energy and can fit into my skinny jeans again! I enjoy shopping for clothes and know that this is not only making me a healthier person, but also a better mom.”

– Kathlene S, San Diego

I bought some new jeans today in a size 7 and when I started with you I was wearing a 12/13.

-Kelsey N, San Diego

I just wanted to thank you for all the tools you gave me since we’ve worked together. I’ve lost 14 lbs so far! I’m so happy that I’m continuing to lose weight, finally! In the first month, I lost 9 inches overall.

-Joy S, San Diego

I have worked with multiple trainers over the years and have never noticed anywhere near as good of results as I have with you. Not only is every workout you have me do structured towards my personal goals, but you also have been extremely helpful in giving me workout ideas for the days that I do not meet you and for helping to make better dietary choices. I really appreciate everything and thank you for being so committed to helping me reach my goals.

– Alyssa S, San Diego

Since training with Evelyne, I have lost 10 pounds. The challenge and variety each training session have brought me increased energy, a strong core, and a real sense of accomplishment. Thanks Evelyne!

– Leslie Z, San Diego