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Nutrition for Autism & ADHD with Julie Matthews

Join Evelyne Lambrecht as she interviews Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant and founder of Nourishing Hope. She is an educator, advocate, and author of Nourishing Hope for Autism. 
We will discuss:
– Why is diet important for autism?
– Should children with autism take supplements?
– How do parents change a picky eater’s diet? 
– How are gut and digestion related to autism?
– What diet is recommended for ADHD? 
As Julie recently wrote in regards to Autism Awareness Month, “The greatest ‘autism awareness’ that you can share, is the fact that the trajectory of the disorder CAN be influenced by the CHOICES a parent makes regarding treatmen and therapies. Things cannot improve until you know that they can!.
Improving what you feed your child is very powerful, any family can begin right away. When a child’s body is healthier and functioning better, mood and learning improve, and subsequently children can get even more benefit from ABA, speech, and other therapies” 
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