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How to Improve Your Memory and Read Faster with Jim Kwik

Evelyne Lambrecht interviews memory and learning expert Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning. He has worked with top CEOs and executives at Nike, Zappos, Harvard, Fox Studios and more. He’s the go-to brain training expert for some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and celebrities. 

During this show, we talk about the 10 most powerful brain training secrets that can help you learn anything 2-3 times faster, 10 keys to make your mind sharper, more productive, and more focused, secrets to remembering names, and little known reading tips to boost reading speed and focus by 25-50%! 

Grab Jim’s free video course in which he shares the same secrets and techniques he uses with his high-paying clients to help them take their mental performance to the next level.

Click here to access Jim’s videos:

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